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10 Most Common Filing Mistakes










1.  Overlooking the Easy Stuff

Is your name and any dependents names spelled correctly?Are the Social Security numbers listed correctly?Did you choose the most advantageous filing status?If you are single you may also qualify as Head of Household or if you are married you may pay less tax filing separately rather than jointly.

2.  Report the Amounts Correctly

Double check any information you’ve received to your own records – W-2, 1099 etc.If there is a discrepancy request a correction from the business making the payment.

3.  Enter Amounts on the Correct Line

Read each line you are reporting on correctly; don’t confuse a tax-free deduction with a taxable one.

4.  Opting for the Standard Deduction

It may prove to be more tedious to #itemize; collecting all the receipts and proof of #expenditures.But it may also be time well spent if itemizing allows you the best write-off.

5. Have You Taken ALL Applicable Deductions?

Don’t be afraid to take that #deduction because you think it could raise a red flag for an audit.Take the deduction as long as you can substantiate it.About the Home Office Deduction – You can only use this deduction if you are self-employed.If you are employed by a company you can no longer use the itemized deduction on Schedule A for unreimbursed home office expenses.

6.  Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act – There is no federal penalty for being underinsured or not insured and no penalty in PA but there is still a penalty in NJ.


Are there transposed numbers, a digit missing?Check carefully!

8.  Are Any Negative Numbers on Your Return?

Did you use brackets for any negative numbers?The IRS doesn’t recognize a minus sign for negative numbers.

9.  Refund Mistakes

If you overpaid on your income tax there are a few different ways to deal with the overpayment.You can elect for a direct deposit to your personal account.It can be applied to the current year’s tax due as an estimated payment.It can be split, some as an estimated payment, some directly deposited.If you neglect to specify what you want done with the overpayment. the IRS will send a check.If you want to get your refund faster, elect direct deposit and make sure to correctly include your account number and the bank routing number.

10.  Pay Properly!

You will want to ensure your payment is credited correctly.Form 1040 – V should be included if paying by check.If paying electronically, be sure to keep proof of filing and payment.Make sure you keep a copy of your signed return.This will help make the filing process easier for you next year.


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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck