We consider ourselves in the "Ministry of Money." This statement is not a play on words. Our clients entrust us with their money and investment well-being. This is more than a  9 to 5 job.

Our clients trust us with the handling of their most pressing financial challenges and can expect  a personalized plan for their future.

Our clients depend on us as their financial guardian in a confusing economic environment. We act in your best interest regarding your financial and investment objectives.

There are rights and responsibilities - on both sides of a good relationship.   


Our Principles 

Our principles are modeled on numerous, well-respected organizations best practices of standards and ethics.   

  • Discover and explore each client's Objectives, Priorities, And Values; putting our client's needs first.   
  • To follow The Six Step Financial Planning Process and write The Investment Policy Statement. 
  •  Manage near and long-term risk 
  • Control costs associated with inflation, taxes, and expenses 

These words are our bond: transparency, trust, loyalty, due diligence, fair dealing, ethics, patience, personalization, team-work, competency.











Our Client Bill of Rights:

~ To behave as a fiduciary within the scope of our engagement.

~ To behave as a suitable advisorcovering Financial Industry Regulatory Association's codes.

~ To employ and retain the services of an advisor who can apply the special area/s of financial and/or invest expertise as specified by the client's needs

~ To work with a person, and company, who listens to (and hears) all of my challenges, needs and concerns, and who responds to me in writing so that I can confirm that I have been correctly understood. They will deliver information at a level that I can understand and at which I can be comfortable.

~ To work with an advisor who assists me in setting priorities across the board and suggests ways to organize an efficient plan that is integrated, intentional and looking to the future.

~ To deal with a person who clarifies the advantages and disadvantages, relative to my specific situation, of all monetary, investment and risk management options.

~ To expect performance relative to the agreed upon plan, with no guarantees, but striving to enhance my overall financial well-being and comfort.

~ To foster a long-term relationship with an advisor who cares about my money and investments as much as if I were handling them myself.

~ To deal with a financial advisor who completes their professional and educational requirements, operates with a code of ethics, and has the experience and competence to serve my needs; a Certified Financial Practioner, Certified Management Consultant and Accredited Investment Fiduciary.