Mission Principles and Goals

1. Discover and explore each client's goals and values, putting their needs first

2. Follow the Six Step Financial Planning Process or develop the investment policy statement

3. Manage near and long-term risk

4. Control costs including taxes, inflation related, and expenses

Our principals are modeled on numerous, well-respected groups' practice standards and ethics statements. We include them here expressly so that you will notice them.

These words are our bond:

                                                 Transparency                       Ethics

                                                 Trust                                  Patience

                                                 Loyalty                               Personalization

                                                Due Diligence                      Team-work

                                                Fair Dealing                         Competency


Client Bill of Rights

We consider ourselves in the "Ministry of Money." Please do not think this is a joke. Our clients entrust us with their money and investment well-being. This is so much more than a  9 to 5 job.

Our clients trust us with the treatment of their most pressing money and investment challenges and expect us to, in turn, create a more comfortable and satisfying future with them.

Our clients depend on us as their financial guardian in chaotic investment and money environments. We behave as  fiduciaries regarding their legitimate money and investment objectives.

There are rights and responsibilities - on both sides of any good relationship. What could they be?   

 Here is "The Client Bill of Rights" that we propose:

- To have us behave is a fiduciary manner with you, within the scope of our engagement.

- To employ, retain, or choose the services of an advisor who has a special area of financial and/or investment expertise.

- To work with a person, and company, who listens to (and hears) all of my challenges, needs and concerns, and who responds to me in writing so that I can confirm that I have been correctly understood. They will deliver information at a level that I can understand and at which I can be comfortable.

- To work with an advisor who assists me in setting priorities across the board and suggests ways to organize an efficient plan that is integrated, intentional and future-seeing.

- To deal with a person who clarifies the advantages and disadvantage, relative to my specific situation, of all monetary, investment and risk management options.

- To expect performance relative to the agreed upon plan, with no guarantees, but striving to enhance my overall financial well-being.

- To foster a long-term relationship with an advisor who cares about my money and investments as much as if I were handling them myself.

- To deal with a financial advisor who completes their professional and educational requirements, operates with a code of ethics, and has the experience and competence to serve my needs.