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Are Your Affairs in Order?

We have no way to expect the unexpected.  And our current COVID-19/coronavirus, social distancing, self-quarantine-ing, is certainly unexpected.  It never seems like the right time to discuss the future in terms of a #will.  However, not having a will can lead to all kinds of unnecessary battles your family might have to undertake in an already egregious situation.

If this isn’t a good enough reason to start the process, maybe one of the next 5 reasons will have an impact.

Number 1.  State Your Final Wishes

What do you want to happen if you died yesterday?  Make a list.  Have you planned out a #Healthcare Directive?    Do you have a #POA or #Executor?  Do you have specific preferences for your funeral?  Did you make plans for your estate?

Number 2.  Choose a Legal Guardian

If parents with young children pass without taking this step into consideration the courts are left the responsibility.  Even though this is a difficult step, it is one that should be made sooner rather than too late.  Have the discussion with your spouse.  Then have the discussion with your selected #guardian.  Make it official in your will.

Number 3.  List Your Beneficiaries

If you don’t do it the state will, and that could turn out to be a nightmare.  Even if you don’t have much in the way of an estate, it is still best to list who gets what as far as assets and property are concerned.  A will also lists who is responsible for the distribution.

Number 4.  Organization

In the process of writing a will, you are forced to organize your financial, legal and familial responsibilities.

Number 5.  Lighten the Load

If you have taken care of all the details your family will need to process after you have drawn your last breath, it will give them the time to grieve without having to deal with all the loose ends associated with your passing.

Click here for a checklist "25 Things You Need Before You Die"


Please follow all the health protocols; stay safe and healthy.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck